Cosmetic Dentistry

In today’s society, appearance is very important, and a major aspect of one’s appearance is the smile.  Others form opinions of us based on what they see.  When talking to someone, if that person sees a vigorous and youthful smile, their perception can differ greatly from observations made upon seeing a worn, unhealthy or neglected set of teeth.  The adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression” still holds true, and a large part of the first impression is the smile.  Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that is primarily intended to change and improve the appearance of the smile instead of treating a state of oral disease.

Anything that changes the appearance of the teeth and the smile can be considered a cosmetic procedure.  Notable among these procedures would be replacing discolored fillings in the anterior teeth, tooth whitening, straightening crooked teeth with orthodontics, reshaping teeth, bonded veneers or crowns, replacing posterior metal fillings with tooth colored fillings, procedures to change the contours of the gum tissue and many others.

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