Brushing and Flossing

Effective home care, using a toothbrush and dental floss, is the best way to maintain a healthy, attractive smile.  Using a good quality, soft textured brush with rounded bristle ends two or three times per day with proper technique will effectively remove soft bacterial plaque from all of the areas the bristles contact.  Some of the electronic toothbrushes with sonic and ultrasonic vibrations actually remove plaque the bristles can’t reach by creating energy waves and bubbles.

A thorough once daily use of dental floss will remove plaque from the areas that brushing can’t reach, between the teeth and under the gum tissue.  It also stimulates the gingival tissues.

Brushing and flossing combine to maintain the basics of periodontal (around the teeth) health, a minimal level of bacterial plaque that is removed before it has an opportunity to harden into dental calculus (tartar) and healthy, physically stimulated tissues that are resident to attack by the bacteria that are always present in the mouth.  They also serve to decrease tooth decay by minimizing the presence of bacterial plaque and removing the food debris the bacteria consume to produce the acid that causes cavities.

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