Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be a sign that you may have a chronic oral infection.  However, persistent gum bleeding may be due to other medical conditions such as leukemia and other bleeding disorders.

Bleeding gums are most frequently due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth along and under the gum line.  If plaque is not removed it will harden into calculus (tartar).  The ongoing presence of plaque and calculus results in a chronic inflammation and infection referred to as gingivitis when it is confined to the gum tissue only and periodontal disease, or periodontitis, when it spreads to the bone that supports the teeth.

With a thorough professional cleaning and a home care program of careful plaque removal and gum tissue stimulation, the inflammation and infection of gingivitis can heal.  While the bone destruction of periodontitis is irreversible, it can be kept from worsening with proper treatment and home care.

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