Avulsed Tooth

Dentists sometimes see patients with facial injuries that result in loosening or total loss of teeth.  The patients are most often young people with play or sporting injuries or adults with injuries from traffic accidents.  A tooth that has been knocked from its socket can effectively be treated if the treatment occurs very soon after the injury.

An avulsed tooth should be wrapped in a wet towel or placed in a container of milk or lightly salted water and taken to the dentist’s office at once.  There is no time to waste, as the success rate of reimplantation is best if it is reimplanted within 30 minutes to an hour after the accident.  It is best not to attempt to clean the tooth yourself.  Mixed with debris on the tooth are often soft tissues that can help the tooth reattach to the bone.  These tissues can be damaged by improper cleaning.

After carefully cleaning and reimplanting the tooth, the dentist will attach it to nearby teeth that still have firm attachment to lend it stability until reattachment occurs.  Following successful reimplanting and splinting, root canal treatment of the avulsed tooth is almost always necessary, as the loss of blood supply to the dental pulp causes loss of vitality.

Although not always successful, reimplanting a lost tooth is the best immediate treatment for this.

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