Practice History

Our practice first opened in November of 1980 in newly renovated space on the second floor of the Paige and Campbell Insurance building at 295 North Main Street in Barre.  In that location until July of 1990, the practice grew and thrived until the space available there was no longer sufficient to serve our steadily growing family of patients.

In the fall of 1989, the current location at 20 Maple Avenue was acquired, with renovations begun in the spring of 1990.  During the first week of July in 1990, the equipment and records were moved, and patient care was resumed the next week.  The new location provided more space, more and meter free parking, first floor entry as well as provision for a handicapped access ramp.

In 2004, with the retirement of Dr. Don Sherman, we purchased the records and some of the equipment from his practice, incorporating Dr. Sherman’s patients into our practice to ensure their ongoing care. This made 2004 a year of significant growth.

In a major technological move forward, on January 1, 2008, all of our patient records and X-ray services were converted to digital computer based operations just like major medical centers.  This technology not only improves the accuracy and accessibility of patient records, but it also allows much more efficient sharing of patient care data with other similarly equipped dental and medical offices.  Another great benefit of digital radiology is decreased patient X-ray exposure, as the digital sensors are sufficiently sensitive to decrease exposures by about 85% compared to even very sensitive X-ray film.

In order to better accommodate and serve our ever increasing patient population, the neighboring property at 24 Maple Avenue was acquired in early 2008, the entry between the buildings was widened and the private parking lot completed in the summer of 2008.  Our patients now have a dedicated off street parking area that can eliminate opening vehicle doors into traffic and crossing a busy street.

In January of 2004, following the retirement of Dr. Ken Kero, we purchased the patient records some of the dental equipment from his practice, welcoming Dr. Kero’s patients into our practice to ensure their ongoing care.

With all of the growth and changes over the years, the character of the practice has remained the same, a group of caring dental professionals dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the oral health of the people who entrust us with their care.

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